My name is Dr. Allison Sampson-Jackson and my company, Integration Solutions, Inc.,

is designed to provide consultation, education, and technical assistance to 

all stakeholders invested in the lives of children, families and adults impacted by emotional trauma.

There is so much information and literature exploding in the area of trauma and how we approach and empower youth, families, adults, communities and ourselves in healing.  Staying connected to the growing trauma informed care literature and expanding evidence informed practices can be challenging for mental health, child welfare, juvenile justice, education, and primary car agencies as well as all other invested stakeholders in the lives of youth and families.  In response to this challenge, I created this web resource to hopefully help all those invested in trauma informed practices stay current, connected and passionate about the healing journey we all take in the recovery from trauma. I hope the information and resources provided on this site will be useful to you. Thanks so much for visiting today !! 

 To learn more about how to become trauma informed ...

check out this wonderful resource that has been developed by Georgetown University and JBS !

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